Episode 64: A Chicken Nugget With Legs

May 14, 2018

On this episode, we dig into DEATH LAID AN EGG, MY FRIEND DAHMER, DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING, and DEVIL TIMES FIVE. We also talk about Italian redneck mob justice, chicken-themed class metaphors, and movies where every white person looks exactly the same.


Episode 63: Drug Shark Fever

May 7, 2018

On this episode, we talk about DEEP BLUE SEA 2, BLOOD ON THE BADGE, LOVE AT FIRST BITE, and TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN. We also talk about racists getting eaten by pigs, disco-dancing draculas, Freebie & The Bean, and the folly of feeding nootropic drugs to supersharks.


Episode 62: Disco Stu Realness

April 30, 2018

This week, Becky The Archivist fills in for Quincy as she and Ryan talk about HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and Vincent Price's THEATER OF BLOOD. Also discussed are dog pies, "Dragula," muppety facial hair, exasperating our loved ones by being on the IMDB trivia page during the movie, and why THEATER OF BLOOD belongs to the gays.


Episode 61: Jersey Mob Draculas

April 23, 2018

On this episode, we're joined by Marlene Thompson (co-host of GHOST OF A CHANCE) as we dig into THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, BLOODBEAT, and NIGHT OF THE COMET. Also discussed are demons cutting pro wrestlng promos, samurai sword-assisted sexual power moves, and what Marlene imagines the plot of Castlevania to be based entirely on the name alone.


Episode 60: This Fish Fucks

April 16, 2018

On this week's episode, we talk about THE SHAPE OF WATER and THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE! We dig into the semiotics of fishfucking, being kidnapped by someone who yells "I'm gonna turn you into a manimal," why season one of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is Quincy's favorite, and man-eating crocodiles as a metaphor for sexual repression.


Episode 59: Go Away, Yorgos

April 9, 2018

This week, we talk about THE CRAZIES, THE OMEN, THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER, and #HORROR. We also dig into such topics as hoping that Alicia Silverstone is okay, horror that's just a rude impersonation of millennials, Vietnam War allegories, and dunking on Lloyd Kaufman.


Episode 58: Jumpsuit Goofster

April 2, 2018

On this episode, we talk THE HOWLING 3: THE MARSUPIALS, HIGH TENSION, LEATHERFACE, WOLF CREEK 2, GHOULIES, and TROLL 2! So many listener requests, y'all, holy shit. We also talk about getting tortured by Jeff Jarrett, nuns turning into werewolves, ballerinas turning into werewolves, everybody turning into a werewolf, and getting bitten on the butthole by evil muppets.


Episode 57: It Rules Ghouls

March 27, 2018

On this episode, we jump into DEMONS, Fulci's THE BEYOND, 5KNIVES, and NIGHT OF THE HUNTER! Also discussed are weeping at the Butterfree episode of Pokemon, bizarre cocaine-snorting methods, and motorcycle katana fights.


Episode 56: Batman Doesn’t Fuck

March 19, 2018

On this episode, we deal with BODY MELT, BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT, and THE RING. We dig into topics such as the body horror wonderland of Australia, bizarre sushi rolls for white people, and the realization that Quincy is out here watching grainy footage of autopsies he found in the woods while Ryan lives in Steven Spielberg's trash can.


Episode 55: Local Crossbow Pervert

March 12, 2018

After a monthlong hiatus, glory hallelujah, Quincy returns! We dig into a bevy of listener requests, including heavy-hitters like THE THING and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Amazingly, we were able to rank THE THING without having to start an entirely new podcast where all we do is talk about how much we love THE THING. (Okay but what if we started a podcast entitled SO HERE'S THE THING and it's just us talking about which member of the Arctic base we think has the prettiest eyes, because.)